Friday, March 27, 2009

ready or not

Nate peeks out from his hiding place under pillows on the couch

The game 'Hide & Seek' was definitely invented by a mother of toddlers. It is the only game I have found that allows for full engagement with my kids while we play, and yet I can simultaneously do just about anything else I want, depending on the circumstances. Here are some examples:

1. Hide & Seek / Nap: When I am 'it', I count while laying in bed under the covers. Sure, I have to get up and find them eventually, but how long does that really take? 2 minutes? Then they are 'it' and I can go hide... under the covers, of course.

2. Hide & Seek / Housework: When I am 'it' I count while working (emptying the dishwasher, collecting dirty laundry, vacuuming, making beds), then take a 2 minute break from work to find the kids. When they are 'it', I hide wherever I can get work done: kitchen, laundry room, bedrooms, bathrooms - there's always some little chore to do in all those places while I wait for them to find me.

3. Hide & Seek / Computer Time: When I am 'it' I count while checking email, reading blogs, etc. When they are 'it' I sit at the computer while they count and then duck under the desk when they come to look for me.

4. Hide & Seek / Reading: Works like all the other examples, I just pick a quiet, out-of-the-way nook to read and periodically duck behind a door to avoid discovery, or get up to find the hiding boys.

So my deepest thanks to you, Mother of Toddlers and Game Inventor, whoever you are. You have given me hours of simultaneous productivity and quality time with my children.

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