Monday, April 27, 2009


faith and doubt
pain and joy
love and loss
bitter and sweet

always and -- never or.
both, not either.

there's talk of times and seasons
as though
these things were orderly,
predictable parades.
spring following winter;
collectible cars behind
the fire brigade.

but on my street

the marching bands
and waving hands
and floral floats
and four-wheeled boats
and dancing troupes
and hula hoops

are in a heap.


Steven said...

Haley, loved this...

Laura said...

Haley - Steven wouldn't even have seen this to know he loved it if I hadn't read it first and said I loved it and he should read it...

But seriously, this is one of your best!

Keep 'em coming...

Katy Bowser said...

How thoughtful, and how much truer to life around here, huh? I love that you had the picture, too. Thanks so much for the thought and the art, Haley. You make good things.

jlb said...

Fantastic, Haley...