Tuesday, April 21, 2009

happy sun-day

There is an unspoken annual holiday in Seattle, celebrated city-wide. It is usually observed in late-April, though the date varies from year to year. When this holiday arrives, people take off work, skip school, cancel meetings, and ditch appointments. There is no official name for this holiday, but I have dubbed it The Day of the Sun.

It is the first day of honest-to-goodness beautiful weather -- sunny and warm, bright blue sky, no wind... glorious. Today is that day.

For those of you who live in warm climates, this will not make any sense to you. But today, people in Seattle are losing their minds over this weather. Losing. Their. Minds. The thermometer in my backyard says 65 degrees, and I have seen guys without shirts on, girls laying out in bathing suits, convertible tops down, and full parking lots at the beaches and parks. It's madness and I love it.

We just had a picnic lunch in the backyard, and now that the boys are sleeping I'm headed back out there. If you're in Seattle -- get outside!

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Bret said...

I don't think that i would have understood this before going to college on the east coast, but now i know exactly what you are talking about. Those first few days of true spring are like some kind of drug. It almost makes waiting through february and march worth it to have those first beautiful days. Eat them up before you get used to it!