Monday, April 20, 2009

swan lake

Tonight I saw my first ballet.

I had to leave space after that sentence because I can hardly begin to describe it... I was completely blown away.

My friend Christy and I treated ourselves to an early Mother's Day present and saw Pacific Northwest Ballet's production of Swan Lake. I was excited enough before it even began - just sitting in our amazing seats, admiring the sparkly red curtain and listening to the orchestra play the prelude music. When the curtain came up I could hardly take in what I saw: the beautiful faces and bodies and costumes moving gracefully across the spectacular set... It was more than my poor eyes could handle, and they blurred with tears of protest against the overwhelming magnitude of it all. For a good part of the first act I was just trying to regain my composure and not miss a single moment.

Start to finish, it was an incredible night. The perfect first ballet experience, and hopefully the first of many!

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