Monday, January 18, 2010

dexter prayer

Last night after Jon prayed with the boys, Dexter said he wanted to pray too. Here's what he prayed:

Dear God, we pray for Robenson for the buildings that falled down and for Emily for she can help all her friends. In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.

Translation: Robenson is the child we sponsor through Compassion in Haiti. We have been praying for him all week and for the whole country. We haven't heard official word about Robenson but we did learn that he lives quite far away from Port-au-Prince, so we are hopeful that he is OK. So, you're probably wondering... who is Emily? Um... that would be Thomas' friend Emily... the TRAIN. Two things near and dear to the heart of our two year old: the situation in Haiti, and trains.


Bob & Barb Rogers said...

We join you in your prayers.

Laura said...

LOVE IT! Seriously laughing to myself right now - of course Emily needs prayer... she's such a dang Martha - trying way too hard to boss everyone around and do everything herself! I'm with ya Dex...