Thursday, January 28, 2010

they said it

(no reason)
Nate: I'm so brave. I'm not even scared when a snake tickles my toes.


(just stringing together words and adding suffixes as he sees fit)
Dexter: Can I have the fivest one that I want?


(at dinner)
Nate: Can I have some more teeter tots?


(overheard while the boys were playing together)
Dexter: Nate, you're a nice brother. You don't hit me. I like you, Nate.


(telling Jon about our day)
Nate: We saw the magnolia trees!
Jon: Which ones are the magnolia trees?
Nate: They look like a tree full of uvulas.

Not a bad description...


livingpalm said...

please tell your boys that now whenever i see the heading "they said it" pop up in my reader, i get excited!

they're just excellent.
(and did Nate really mean to say "uvula"??)

Haley Ballast said...

Haha, sweet! :) Yes, uvulas might be Nate's favorite body part. He's my first kid so I don't really know if that is weird for a 4 year-old...

Rachel Ann said...

"Oh! It's a GIRL [tree]!"

chelsie said...

Literally laughed out loud about the snake tickling his toes. Too cute!