Friday, February 5, 2010

irony, and what i do know about ed young

Lots of talk today about the blistering article that came out about Ed Young and his alleged use of Fellowship Church as a means of acquiring personal wealth. Its very easy to say those things, harder to prove them, and almost impossible to get people to talk about them in terms of what they know versus what they assume or what they've read.

I know very little about Ed Young. I cannot vouch for his financial dealings, his character, or his theology. But I do happen to know one Fellowship Church staff member personally, and here's some irony for you: the same week that the media alleges that Ed Young is a wealth-monger, this FC staff member and his family pledge to go a full year without buying anything.

I have no idea whether the allegations against Young are true, but I do have deep respect for the financial and spiritual maturity shown by one of his most loyal staff members... maturity which he and his wife claim to be a direct result of Young's leadership and impact on their lives.


Andy said...

Thank you so much Haley. I truly appreciate your honesty and openess of how you feel. And our prayer is that the truth of the gospel shines brighter than anything through this all. We know the truth, and I have no qualms about defending my Pastor or the church God has called me to serve in. Your friendship and your faith are deeply appreciated and humbly admired.

Carissa Boyd said...

Amen to Andy's comment! I feel the same way. And after this weekend's church services, with massive support shown by the people of Fellowship Church, it is plain to see that many others agree.

Love Wins!

Haley Ballast said...

any time you guys. i tell it like i see it... and i think you guys are awesome! praying with you that the truth of the gospel rises above it all. love wins indeed!