Friday, February 12, 2010

obligatory ok

For those of you out there like me who somehow didn't get the gene that keeps you from baring your soul to the general public... Do you feel obligated to write an "I'm OK" post following a "what-kind-of-world-is-this-we're-all-so-messed-up" post? Well, I do, so this is it.

I'm OK.

A bit of a predictable script has developed here: The world is unkind. Our souls are fragile. I notice this. I am overwhelmed. I break down. I wait. A friend prays for me. I read a Psalm, and maybe a few verses from Isaiah or Hebrews. I remember. This groaning world, this fragile soul - they are not my own. I am held. I rest.


This helps too:

This is how I found them when I went to get them up from naps yesterday. Yes, they are both in the toy box.


Rachel Ann said...

We all have those moments so I'm pretty sure we all understand.

Your boys are adorable. I dreamt about them one night because I'm in a language acquisition class and we talk about "errors" children make in speech and it made me think of your "They Said It" posts and I dreamt that I used them as my observation subjects for the group project we have to do (since their errors are exactly what we're looking for). Then I woke up and thought, "Shoot...they're in Washington..." so I had to find some other kiddos.

I like you better for having gone to USC instead of Biola, but I am still disappointed that we can't go, "You know so-and-so?? Me too!" But I suppose we'll all be doing that in Heaven.

Haley Ballast said...

Well Miss Rachel Ann, will you like me even more for having majored in Linguistics at USC?? :) I would totally let you use my kids as subjects if we still lived down there! Speech errors are totally fascinating eh?

Rachel Ann said...

You really majored in Linguistics?? WOW! Small world. I'm on the TESOL track here at CSUN, which I often think is a mistake since I love Linguistics but do not love teaching. But I am often told that in God's economy nothing is wasted so we'll see how He uses it in the future. Speech errors ARE marvelous indeed.

On an unrelated note, I thought of you (because of your comments on my Nouwen post) when watching this: You might like it.

chelsie said...

Literally made me laugh out loud. I love it.