Friday, February 19, 2010

they said it (or in this case, dexter said it)

[talking to Mimi on Skype]

Mimi: I saw a picture of you and Nate and you guys were hiding in the toy box! Why were you hiding in there?

Dexter: Because we couldn't hide in the closet - there are ghosts in there!


[boys are playing together in their room, I walk in]

Me: Whoo! Did someone do some poo-poo in here?

Dexter: Maybe you did, Mommy.


[on the way home from Ash Wednesday service, Dexter is very jealous that Nate got a cross on his forehead but he didn't because he was in the nursery]

Nate: Daddy, someday I am going to climb a mountain.

Jon: Sure buddy, you could do that.

Nate: A really big mountain, like Mt. Rainier.

Jon: Yep, you could do that someday if you want.

Dexter: And I will follow right behind you Nate... because I don't have a cross.

[Dexter following Nate at the beach today.

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nick and carina said...

the funniest yet. i love love love it.