Monday, February 8, 2010

they said it

[in the stroller]

Dexter: One, two, three, four and five! Four and five, Nate!
Nate: Four and five is nine.
Dexter: No! Four and five!
Nate: Yeah, four plus five is nine.
Dexter: NO! Four and FIVE!
Nate: (in a really condescending tone) Dexter, I know you will be disappointed... but four and five is nine.


Nate: Draw me a butterfly family Mommy.
Me: Sure, bud.
Nate: OK, now draw some butter.
Me: (blank look)
Nate: ...for the butterflies!

(He seemed really embarrassed when I laughed and told him that butterflies don't eat butter.)

Nate took this picture of me. I kinda like it.


Every once in awhile Dexter picks up a phrase and just starts sticking it in conversation wherever he pleases with no regard for meaning or context. Currently his phrase is "I trust you." No idea where he got this, but here are a few examples of when he has used it:

Jon: (picking Dexter up at the church nursery) Hi buddy!
Dexter: (giving Jon a big hug) Hi Daddy! (laying his head on Jon's shoulder) Daddy, I trust you.

Me: Dexter we are all done playing trains. Time to clean up!
Dexter: No we're not! (super serious, with a big frown) No Mommy, I trust you.

Me: What are you doing?
Dexter: I'm just reading the Thomas book.
Me: Do you want me to read it to you?
Dexter: OK, you can read it to me, I trust you.


Nate fell off the edge of my parents' hot tub the other night. (He's fine.) Although this was not the first tumble that resulted in facial abrasions, this was definitely the most interesting pattern of facial abrasion we've had! He fell face-first onto a plastic mat with a honeycomb pattern. Lovely, right?


Bob & Barb Rogers said...

Great stories...I trust you

Carissa Boyd said...

I love your "they said it" posts. It reminds me of when my boys were small; when they loved toy trains and said wonderfully crazy things.

tiffany said...

that is a sweet bruise!!!!

Bob & Barb Rogers said...

It is good to see your beautiful children...if somewhat brused. I'm OK