Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ash wednesday, then and now

The Road of Life, Theodore Prescott

It is very Ash Wednesday today. Cold, but sunny: [I can't get this phrase out of my head] a bright sadness.

Last year I set up a labyrinth in the chapel for Lent. Our church was beginning the journey of interim time between pastors, a time to walk and pray and listen together.

This year during Lent the chapel has prayer stations focused on the 7 last words of Christ, featuring artwork from the Cross/Purpose exhibit currently on display at church. The stations are simple: a piece of art on an easel, with one of Jesus' last phrases printed below. Word and image, inviting us to see and hear.

Last year I gave up using facebook during Lent. I chose it because it seemed hard. God used it to chip away at my addictions to affirmation, information, confirmation, communication.

This year I am giving up buying stuff. On Sundays I'll buy food, but that's about it. I'm not sure what God will do with it, but I have a hunch that it will be about seeing what I have, even as I wait and hope for coming things.

The gift of rhythmic and repetitive seasons is the opportunity they provide to reflect on last year's season with this year's eyes, and wonder what today will look like in a year's time.

Here's to reflection and wonder this season.


Rachel Ann said...

Brilliant, encouraging post. I am so stoked about Lent and Ash Wednesday this year. And oh man...I wish I went to your church! I haven't done a labyrinth in years.

Carissa Boyd said...

Isn't it refreshing? I am deeply enjoying the Not Buying of Things. And like you, I am wondering how this will all look in the review mirror a year from now. I don't know how I'll transition back into the shopping world. Maybe I won't bother.